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White House to Investigate Melania after Discovering Communication with Leader of Deep State

PALM BEACH, FL - President Trump, who graciously chose not to attend the funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush out of respect, was stunned to see on television his wife communicating with Barack Obama, leader of the Deep State.

The president immediately fired off a tweet alerting his 51 million followers to the upsetting development.

“So disrespectful. Melania knows I think Deep State leader is a sick, bad man who wiretapped me at Trump Tower, put moles inside FBI to get me impeached, and gave me a much better economy than he inherited. Melania can’t be trusted?”

The Satirical Post reached out to the White House to confirm if they are in fact mobilizing an investigation.

“I am extremely excited to get back on the president’s good side by proving his wife is nothing more than an immigrant who can’t be trusted,” said attorney general Jeff Sessions over telephone.

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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