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While High on Ambien, Roseanne Admits Ambien Excuse Was Lie

LOS ANGELES, CA - Roseanne Barr took to Twitter Thursday morning while high on Ambien to confess she wasn’t high on Ambien while sending a racist tweet about Valarie Jarrett early Tuesday morning.

Tweeting under her new account @realAmbienRoseanne, she admitted it wasn’t her desire to come clean, but the Ambien’s desire to come clean about the tweet.

“I was sober when I said that stuff about Val but I’m ambling on the Ambien now #RoseAmbiance,” she wrote in the first of three early morning tweets.

While Barr was initially apologetic about her behavior on Tuesday before ABC canceled her television show, she since moved to blame the sleeping pill Ambien for her outburst.

Now, evidently due to the sleeping pill, she is walking back those comments.

“Ambien doesn’t cause racism until you add a splash of wine and this stuff becomes the truthiest of the truth juice #RoseAmbiance,” Roseanne continued.

The veteran comic hammered that point home with a final, forthright tweet.

The last of her twilight earnestness read: “Luckily America has a shorter attention span than Tom Arnold’s penis (remember when I disrespected the national anthem? didn't think so). I’ll just hang tight for ten years and then get another television show. Thanks America. #RoseAmbience."

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