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Unsure If You Have ADD or ADHD? Take a Dance Class to Find Out

Juliana from Prudence, GA writes to The Satirical Post’s health advisor Gregor Wolfowitz.

“Salutations Gregor. What’s the difference between ADD and ADHD?”

I’m glad you came to me with this question, Juliana. Medical experts would have you believe they are one in the same, that ADD is actually a type of ADHD. The truth is people with ADHD are much better dancers. Sign up for a dance class and if your instructor refuses to teach you because you're so bad, odds are you have ADD. If I may be frank for a moment, I’m glad anyone comes to me with any question. You guys know about the Internet, right? Type any question in the world and in seconds- never mind.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Gregor is not a trained medical physician nor is he certified to give out advice on anything outside of bicycle repair, and in rare cases birdhouse assembly. While Gregor will respond to ‘Doctor Gregor’, ‘Love Doctor’, or simply ‘Doc’ that is in no way an attempt to present himself as a medical professional.

To learn more from Gregor Wolfowitz visit our HEALTH page.

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