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Unsure How to Stop Your Child From Biting Their Nails? Then Bite Them With Her.

Sidney from Bubble Springs, OH asks writes to The Satirical Post's health advisor Gregor Wolfowitz.

“Salutations Gregor. I have a 7 year old and she’s always biting her nails. I find it disgusting. Do you have any tips for getting her to stop?”

Sidney, I think I can help. Recently, I had a similar problem with my own daughter. My baby girl, the light of my life, has this awful habit of dating complete trash.

One of these boys had the gall to call me “dude”. I could have grabbed him by the cuff of his tank and screamed, “Gregor Wolfowitz is no dude of yours mister!” But instead, I restrained myself and showed my daughter’s relationship support- too much support.

I begged to “meet my future in-laws” and when she said no, I posted a picture of the couple on my Facebook so our extended family could meet him. The relationship was over before I could finish the scrapbook.

I suggest you do the same with your daughter’s nails. Parental pride can be an effective deterrent. Cheer her on when you catch her nibbling on them. In fact, get in there with her. Bite off a thumb nail to show you really support what she's doing.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Gregor is not a trained medical physician nor is he certified to give out advice on anything outside of bicycle repair, and in rare cases birdhouse assembly. While Gregor will respond to ‘Doctor Gregor’, ‘Love Doctor’, or simply ‘Doc’ that is in no way an attempt to present himself as a medical professional.

To learn more from Gregor Wolfowitz visit our HEALTH page.

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