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Unearthed Blog Post Shows Joy Reid Has Been Sorry About Blog Posts Since She Wrote Blog Posts

NEW YORK CITY, NY - The constant steam of old, offensive blog posts from Joy Reid is surprising to everyone but Joy Reid, who anticipated her own fame six year ago when she drafted an apology she knew she would one day have to make.

“Like so many people who desire celebrity and fame, I said and wrote outlandish and horrible things to garner attention. Now, as a sign of good will, I want to offer up an apology I wrote six years ago that is evidence I’m a morally evolved person who shouldn’t be criticized,” said Ms. Reid.

Ms. Reid briefly posted this apology on her blog in 2012 so future internet trolls looking for ways to end her career would be able to find it.

The apology is titled, "Read In Case of Fame, Eventual Unmasking & Subsequent Failure of Hacker Excuse,” and closely resembles the statement Ms. Reid made Friday to Senator John McCain (AZ-R) after the American public learned she depicted the ailing Arizona Senator as a school shooter via Photoshop.

Portions of the apology are intentionally left blank for ad-lib. Notably though, Reid chose to include specific remarks regarding her beliefs on 9/11 and Israeli sovereignty.

Earlier today, MSNBC released the latest in a string of statements regarding their TV host, whom they are supporting through this difficult time.

“Here at MSNBC, rather than linger on her blinding insensitivity, we choose to focus on Joy’s level of preparedness. Her apology was calculated, years-in-the-making,” the network said.

Several of Reid’s co-workers are frustrated she hasn’t been let go.

“The irony is a running joke around the studio. It’s like when you meet a tall guy named shorty. The only joy Joy has is for washing dishes. Or Almond Joy, that fits too,” said a nameless colleague who very much wants her timeslot.

Reid could not be reached for comment because she was getting drinks with Kelly Sadler, the Trump staffer who dismissed Senator McCain as “dying anyway”.

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