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Trump Hires Mueller as New Chief Of Staff in Order to End Russia Probe

Just before President Trump was to address the global community in Davos, Switzerland, he announced that effective immediately, special council Robert Mueller who is leading the investigation into Russia’s interference in the US election will become his new chief of staff.

“I’ve been so impressed with the job Mueller has done with the Russian investigation, I felt we needed some of his non-partisan, non-leaking leadership in the White House,” said President Trump when reached by The Satirical Post. “Unfortunately, I’m not sure where that leaves the Russian investigation, but I’m sure the professionals at DOJ will be able to figure it out,” he added.

When asked if hiring Mr. Mueller as his new chief of staff was effectively the same thing as firing Mr. Mueller from his position as special council, President Trump replied, “No, not at all. First off I didn’t fire him. I hired him. Being fired is humiliating. I’ve fired many, many people over the years and they always get a humiliated look on their face. But hiring someone is a positive thing. It makes people feel good about themselves and it creates jobs. So if anything, I would think Mr. Mueller would only feel better about himself today than he did yesterday,” explained Mr. Trump.

President Trump’s critics praised his decision to create a new job in the country and also expressed confidence that the professionals at the Department of Justice would continue their work of investigating Russia’s interference in our election.

“It’s never been about Mueller. It’s only been about doing what’s best for the country, which is why I’m recommending that former President Barack Obama be appointed the new special council to investigate Russia. Former President Obama is completely impartial when it comes to Russia’s interference and doesn’t have an ounce of partisanship in his bones,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Read more from The Satirical Post by visiting the HOMEPAGE.

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