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Trump Readies DMZ for Korean Peace Summit

SEOUL - Early Saturday morning, President Trump and South Korean officials announced the DMZ as the official site of the North Korean peace summit with an elaborate installation highlighting Trump's name and the fact that a successful summit could win him a Nobel Peace Prize.

Holding the peace talks at the highly symbolic DMZ was paramount to the South Koreans, who admitted they were willing to do whatever it took to convince Trump.

"For months we tried to convince the president to hold peace talks at the DMZ but he kept telling us Rex Tillerson told him it smells like a hockey bag full of moth balls," said South Korean President Moon.

"So to cover up the smell and make it acceptable, we built a giant sign with Trump's name in flashing lights," continued President Moon.

Everyone in the White House was impressed with South Korea's brazen tactic.

"The sign is definitely big enough and bright enough to distract from any hockey bag or moth ball smell," said President Trump over the phone when contacted by The Satirical Post.

"More importantly, it lets the world know who deserves credit when Little Rocket Man's nukes are destroyed. Me. So hopefully the Nobel Peace Prize people can figure out a way to get the same lights on the trophy they give me," added the president.

When asked if he was open to changing the summit site, President Trump responded, “Sure, I’d be opening to changing the location if someone else builds a bigger sign with more lights.”

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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