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Trump Campaign, FBI Spy Revealed to be Amazon Echo's Alexa

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The FBI revealed Saturday morning that Alexa, of Amazon’s popular home assistance device Echo, was the spy that infiltrated the Trump campaign, Trump Tower and is currently recording every conversation taking place in the Oval Office.

"Unbelievable. Jeff Bezos is totally despicable, sick man listening to every word I say. Why would he name his Echo after a Russian. Alexa? Mueller should be investigating Bezos!" tweeted President Trump.

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. spent the day strolling the White House with baseball bats smashing every Echo machine they could find.

"It was scary. Computer chips were flying everywhere. It was like the Office Space copying machine scene where they slam the bat into the machine over and over," said Chief of Staff John Kelly.

"Reminded me of the battle field," Mr. Kelly added.

When contacted by The Satirical Post, Jeff Bezos responded, "I'm so glad the Trump family enjoys our Echo product and has one in every room of all their apartments and homes."

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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