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Trump Berates Pence for Waiting a Year to Demand Mueller End Investigation

WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Trump lashed into Mike Pence Friday morning after learning it took him over a year to finally call for the end of the Mueller investigation.

“Has Pence been living under a rock? Totally incompetent and suspicious it takes him so long to realize this is a WITCH HUNT! Need a VP who is on my team and not afraid to shame himself,” tweeted the president.

The Satirical Post reached out to Pence to ask him how he arrived at his decision to tell Mueller to 'wrap it up'.

"The truth is, I didn't have the courage to tell Mueller what to do. But then I saw Rudy Giuliani on TV and the guy was pure testosterone, like a bear or a lion or a bear with a lion's head," said VP Pence. "Those TV appearances gave me courage," added Mr. Pence.

When asked if the president berated him in front of other top officials, Mr. Pence responded, “The constitution gives the president the right to make me cry in front of others.”

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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