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Toyota Introduces Corolla with Scissor Doors for Budget Conscious Driver

PLANO, TX - Toyota unveiled a new Corolla equipped with scissor doors, typically associated with Lamborghini and other high performance sport scars, in an effort to expand its brand into the luxury market without busting people’s budgets.

“Why should someone have to spend over a hundred thousand dollars for people to wonder if they’re trying to compensate for something, like a small penis,” said Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda.

“With the new Corolla SD (SD stands for Scissor Doors), someone can spend under thirty thousand dollars for this question to pop into the minds of everyone who knows them and sees them driving on the streets,” added Mr. Toyoda.

Toyota dealers are reporting tremendous amounts of interest in the new Corolla, mostly from men.

“Typically cars with scissor doors are associated with wealthy, successful people. But now someone who just got laid off can afford scissor doors with the new Corolla, which is great,” said local Toyota dealership owner.

The Satirical Post caught up with a local man at a Toyota dealership who was interested in buying the new Corolla SD.

“It’s been a dry season with the ladies the past six or seven years, so I just bought the new Corolla. My hope is now I can find a date dumb enough to think this is a Lamborghini,” responded the local man.

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