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Top 9 Reasons The Last Jedi is the Best Star Wars Movie Ever

9. FRESH TAKES ON CLASSIC IMAGES - Fans learned lightsaber colors age and evolve over time, like a fine wine, which is why Luke’s lightsaber was blue in the latest installment.

8. LOADS OF CHARACTERS - Moviegoers love characters, so writer/director Rian Johnson gave Star Wars fans more than they could keep track of, creating scenes that played as a character pinball-machine with actors gyrating and clambering after their line as they wait for their next.

7. CULTURAL RELEVENCE - The passageway to the dark side on Skywalker’s island reminded fans of the breathing, tentacled wormhole on everyone’s favorite Netflix show, Stranger Things.

6. NEW TAKE ON ARMS DEALERS - Those who thought arms dealers were only bad guys got a nuanced look at how the good guys have to buy weapons of war too.

5. CHARACTER TWISTS - Fans ate up the big twist that Luke Skywalker, who defeated Darth Vader and destroyed the Death Star, refused to fight in this episode, instead opting to commit Jedi hari-kari while in a yoga pose perched on a cliffside during sunset.

4. BENICIO DEL TORO - The versatile actor was permitted by the director to exhibit more charisma on screen that all his co-stars put together.

3. SIMPLE STORYLINE - With the death of the Supreme Leader Snoke, the First Order went from 3 characters running the show to 2. And with the death of Vice Admiral Holdo, the resistance went from having 10 characters running the show to 9.

2. EQUALITY REIGNS SUPREME - Fans learned that no one is a Jedi and the Force is in everyone, ensuring no one gets left out. Just like in real life.

1. CUTER CREATURES - Applying the universal truth that big eyes open hearts, director Rian Johnson introduced the world to the Porg, a half penguin, half owl that warmed the hearts of Chewbacca and disappointed fans across the world.

And for those 9 reasons, The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie ever made.

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