Secret Memo to Mueller States Trump Will Testify Only If He Can Legally Lie

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Early Sunday morning it was revealed that President Trump’s lawyers sent Robert Mueller a memo in January stating the president would only testify in front of a grand jury if he was legally allowed to lie.

“President Trump has spent his entire adult life lying, which has hindered his ability to say true statements. Therefore, we will only allow the president to testify under oath if he is legally allowed to lie,” said Rudolph Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney.

Experts say if Mueller allows Trump to legally lie under oath it could end the entire justice system as we know it.

“I’m not sure Mueller has the authority to alter the foundation of the legal system. We might have to pass a constitutional amendment to allow people to legally lie under oath. That or just dissolve the entire government and start over,” said one legal scholar.

Supporters of the president praised the bold request, citing the Deep State’s desire to catch President Trump in a lie.

“This will put a stop to guys like Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray, who are protecting Mueller," said a local Trump supporter.

When asked why he thought the men Trump nominated for top Justice Department positions would be out to get him, the local Trump supporter replied, "There's no way someone Trump handpicked would go against him. Obama must have forced Trump to pick them."

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