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Samantha Bee Explains Pitfalls of Moral Superiority

NEW YORK CITY, NY - With desperate hopes that TBS doesn’t cancel her show after slurring a senior White House advisor, Samantha Bee is prepping next week’s segment which is to begin with a ten minute piece discussing herself and the potential pitfalls that come with being morally superior.

“Obviously, being morally superior is the goal, but there are risks that people don’t talk about, like job loss, exhaustion from judging people and the anxiety that comes with the knowledge the world will collapse without your input,” said comedian Samantha Bee when contacted by The Satirical Post.

Samantha described the piece as something for children, educating them on moral superiority before they get to the age when they have to choose if they want to become morally superior.

“Most kids just goof off until they turn forty years old, make around ten million dollars and become a celebrity. Then at that point when the whole world is looking to them for advice, they have to decide, do I want to be morally superior or continue being a normal human. My goal is to have all new-money celebrities choose the former,” said Ms. Bee.

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