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Robert De Niro to Chase Oscar Gold in Portrayal of 'Personal Hero’ Donald Trump

LOS ANGELES, CA - Early Wednesday morning Paramount Pictures announced a new biopic of President Trump with actor Robert De Niro set to play the living president.

"It’s rare you get a chance to portray one of your personal heroes, but Paramount believes I can channel enough self-hatred to play this president. At this point in my career I’m willing to do whatever necessary to win the Oscar, even if I have to self-destruct,” said Mr. De Niro.

The Hollywood community is praising De Niro for his bravery in taking on such a complex and difficult character.

“De Niro hasn’t won an Oscar since Raging Bull. He didn’t win one for playing the Focker. Nothing for Bernie Madoff. He's on an epic dry spell so it makes sense why he would so desperately abandon his morals to play Trump,” said co-star Mila Kunis who will be playing Ivanka Trump.

“But I get it. He probably has an awesome Oscar speech ready to go,” Ms. Kunis added.

Mr. De Niro typically spends weeks shadowing real-life characters he portrays on film, picking up subtle idiosyncrasies to bring them to life on screen. The Satirical Post reached out to Mr. De Niro to see if he’s planning on spending time with President Trump.

“Absolutely. I feel like we’ve developed a very special bond over the past four hours. We’re both ready to write a new chapter between ourselves. The past doesn’t have to define our future. Yesterday’s war doesn’t have to be tomorrow’s war. Adversaries can become friends,” replied Mr. De Niro.

When asked why he was repeating verbatim Mr. Trump’s speech about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, Mr. De Niro said, “We hate each other about the same.”

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