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Restaurants to Protest Trump by Serving Him Delicious, Medium Rare Steak

SAN FRANCISCO - Liberal restaurants around the country are banning together to protest the Trump administration’s policies by agreeing to only serve the president delicious, medium rare steak, regardless of how he orders.

“Hopefully eating a juicy, delicious steak will unlock part of the president’s soul that’s been neglected by the tough, flavorless well-done leather he’s been eating for the past forty years,” said celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

When asked what restaurants would do if the president sent his steak back to the kitchen for more time on the grill, Mr. Flay responded, “We’ll take the steak back to the kitchen ten times, but it’s never coming out with more than a pink, warm center.”

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, released a statement commenting on the organized, restaurant protest.

“More great news for the American people as restaurants threaten our president with delicious meat. Now the great Donald J. Trump will be forced to hire Trump hotels to cater every government event in order to ensure he gets his beef dry, tasteless and at a great profit margin for his family,” said Ms. Huckabee Sanders.

The Satirical Post reached out to local residents in Palm Springs, CA to see what they thought about sabotaging the president’s beef.

“Sure, I understand separating immigrant families, blocking muslims from Six Flags and Disneyworld, but to overcook another man’s steak is treason. I hope the Supreme Court steps in to stop these commie restaurants and protect the president’s beef,” said Roger Peterson, a local man who asked not to be named due to fear of backlash over supporting banning muslims from Six Flags and Disneyworld.

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