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Putin Names 'American People' Honorary Ambassadors to Soviet Union

MOSCOW - Following his better than expected meeting with President Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was giving every American who chooses to bicker over the DNC server, Obama’s failures and George Papadopoulos the title of ‘Honorary Ambassador to the Soviet Union'.

“We thank the American people for their willingness to put aside the fact we attacked their election and country, and instead focus on petty details that make no difference. It’s truly amazing and we’re grateful,” said Putin.

Russians had no problem with their president making bickering Americans Soviet Union ambassadors.

“Somehow Putin made himself more creditable than the American intelligence agencies. He’s a genius and I love him, even if he had my husband and children executed,” said a Moscow widow who’s husband and children criticized Putin and were later executed in the street.

The Satirical Post reached out to both a Republican and Democrat to see if they agreed with Putin, that petty details have distracted Americans from the fact Russia attacked our election.

"No. I don't. Because spending ten years to prove that Carter Page colluded with low-level Russians is more important that realizing Russia attacked our election," said the Democrat.

And for the predictable Republican response, we give you the president's tweet.

“What a great guy, this Putin. See? He loves America and would never do anything to hurt us. Now we can send anyone we don’t want in the country to Russia on permanent vacation. MAGA.” tweeted Trump.

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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