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Media and Political Power Players Agree to Wear Body Cameras to Root out Harassment

With no end in sight to the #metoo movement and allegations against some of the biggest names in entertainment, media and politics, a small group of power players are proactively doing what they can to rid their industries of harassment, pledging to wear body cameras, the same devices police departments across the country wear to record their interactions with the public.

Matt Damon, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Anderson Cooper, and all the corespondents of 60 Minutes have agreed to participate in a test program that would have them wear a body camera 24 hours a day, theoretically capturing any harassment they, or someone in their purview commits.

“I was around Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer all the time,” said Anderson Cooper. “If I would have had the body camera on, maybe they wouldn’t have gotten away with their behavior for so long,” Mr. Cooper went on to say.

“It’s a small price to pay to keep Hollywood clean from perverts and harassers,” said Matt Damon. “So what if I have to take a piss on camera. It’s worth it. I want to be a moral leader. Not just a leading actor,” Mr. Damon added.

Supporters of the #metoo movement were ecstatic to hear real-world changes were being made to combat harassment, and doubly surprised to hear that President Trump would be participating in the pilot program.

When reached by phone from the LA bureau office of The Satirical Post, President Trump had this to say, “If someone harasses Ivanka, you better be damned sure I’m going to have it recorded, because she and I are always together. So watch yourself, Little Rubio,” warned President Trump.

Some took this as a warning to Senator Rubio of Florida, after he and President Trump’s daughter and advisor, Ivanka Trump, have spent countless hours together working on expanding the Child Tax Credit.

Senator Rubio’s office declined to comment on President Trump’s veiled threat.

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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