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Poll Finds El Nino Still Most Popular Storm to Appear on SNL

WASHINGTON, D.C. - An early, Sunday morning Gallup poll revealed El Nino’s 1997 appearance on SNL beat out last night’s Stormy Daniels appearance by nearly thirty points, surprising media and weather experts everywhere, especially on the Sunday morning news shows.

NBC’s Meet The Press put the choice to its panel, where historian Jon Meacham reminded everyone, “It’s true El Nino had more name recognition, but sex sells and Stormy Daniels is all sex. I guess the American people can respond to substance over sensational titillation.”

Although not everyone on the panel agreed with Mr. Meacham’s portrayal of El Nino.

“Sexy is confidence and I’ve never seen a more confident storm than El Nino,” fired back Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute. “The way El Nino would spend months just brewing up steam showed it wasn’t afraid to be out of the headlines,” Ms. Pletka added.

The Satirical Post reached out to leading weather expert Al Roker to get his perspective on the battle of the storms.

“Well El Nino did real damage to the country back in 1997, and at this point, the only person I can see that’s really negatively effected by Stormy Daniels is Melania Trump,” responded Mr. Roker.

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