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After Failing Dreamers When Her Party Controlled Washington, Nancy Pelosi Issues 8 Hour Apology

Feeling the guilt from 2009 when she and her colleagues failed to pass legislation protecting children that were brought to the United States illegally by no choice of their own, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued an amazing 8 hour apology, rivaling the greatest apologies ever issued.

"We had a filibuster-proof congress and a president willing to sign legislation protecting Dreamers and we failed to get it done. The least I could do was issue the greatest apology ever, while being broadcast on television and social media," said Minority Leader Pelosi.

So what's next for Dreamers now that the apology has been delivered?

"If Donald Trump is the one to give me legal status, then so be it. I don't really care. I just want to be able to stay here," said Mary Sandoval, a Dreamer living in Los Angeles.

The Satirical Post asked Minority Leader Pelosi if she was willing to let President Trump be the one to get credit for saving Dreamers.

"No. Absolutely not. I'd rather have them all deported and come back into our country illegally in order to wait for our party to take over Washington. That way we get the credit," responded Ms. Pelosi.

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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