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NFL to Fly Russian Flag at Games, Solving Player Protest Issue

NEW YORK, NY - After the player protest issue erupted yet again on Friday, the NFL took the bold step to permanently remove the American flag from all stadiums and replace it with the Russian Federation flag.

“In order to put a stop to the outrage of kneeling players, the American flag will no longer fly at NFL stadiums. Players who decide to kneel will now be protesting the Russian flag, which will fly during all games,” said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The NFL Players Association agreed with Goodell that players kneeling during the Russian Federation national anthem would kill two birds with one stone.

“On one hand, it will allow our player to continue to kneel during the national anthem, which people shouldn’t care about now since Russia’s anthem will be playing,” said DeMaurice Smith, president of the NFL players association.

“And on the other hand, flying the Russian flag at NFL games will bolster our relationship with Russia, which is what we all want,” added Mr. Smith.

The White House praised the NFL for finally finding a solution to the player protest issue, which has plagued the league and the country for the past two years.

“This is the out of the box thinking that we need in our country. Clever ways to improve our relationship with Russia while at the same time allowing people to watch NFL games without thinking about politics,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

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