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Roy Moore Confesses Other Conservatives in Alabama Could Have Defeated Doug Jones

Caught on tape before he made his concession speech last night, defeated Republican candidate Roy Moore confessed to one of his senior aids that there were at least 50 other conservatives in Alabama that could have replaced him as the nominee and defeated Doug Jones.

“Look, I wanted to be a senator. Bottom line. It was about me. Not the seat. Not the senate. Plus none of the other guys or gals they would have replaced me with had the flare that I have,” Mr. Moore confessed to his senior aid as he smiled.

In hindsite, major GOP leaders are now questioning why they didn’t take the opportunity to replace Mr. Moore months ago when news of his actions with underage girls splashed into the headlines.

“We got caught up in trying to prove the Dems, elites, and Fake News people wrong. Instead we should have been focused on taking care of our own house,” said state GOP charwoman Terry Lathan. "Maybe then we would have recognized this was our seat to win if we only had a typical candidate. And by typical I mean someone boring,” she went on to say.

Democrats were energized by last night’s win, funneling millions of dollars into Steve Bannon’s super pac with the hopes he would find more Republican candidates who would lose to Democrats.

“We sent Steve Bannon ten million dollars this morning,” said George Soros. “The only stipulation was that he can’t spend any of it to vet his candidates. No background checks. No talking to old friends. We think this is going to be huge."

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