Mike Pence Unveils Plans for Space Force Academy at Area 51

LINCOLN COUNTY, NV - August 9th 2018 marked the inauguration of the United States Space Force Academy, said Vice President Mike Pence, from a speech delivered at Area 51, which will host the countries newest military academy.

“Area 51 will be home to The Space Force Academy, an incredible addition to the nation’s elite military academies. Space cadets will benefit from the wealth of alien knowledge that has been assembled here at Area 51,” said Pence.

The country’s top Alien specialists have volunteered to teach at the academy and indoctrinate the nations future space cadets.

“I’ve tried getting lecture positions at Harvard, Yale and ITT Technical institute but they all rejected me on the basis of Aliens not existing. Finally our country has a school that embraces cutting edge space and alien conspiracies,” said Lloyd Frank, a local Las Vegas resident and future professor at the Space Force Academy.

The new military academy’s mascot is currently being decided by the National Security Council and will be voted on at their next meeting.

“I’m pulling for the half-alien, half-dog named Prober,” admitted National Security Advisor John Bolton.

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