Local Memo Thrilled with Congress for Making Memos Relevant Again

William Memo Jr. of Round Rock, Texas, has been glued to his television these past few weeks watching the round-the-clock coverage of fellow MEMOs, who’s text covers topics from surveillance to government power and how its exercised.

Typically know as boring documents that no one reads, MEMOs are currently enjoying the type of coverage reserved for elite athletes, pop stars, or reality TV stars enduring a crisis that normal human beings pray they never have to face, especially while being broadcast to the world.

“My entire life all I’ve ever known is neglect, embarrassment and the idea that I could be thrown out at any moment. But not any more. These Nunes and Schiff MEMOs will be preserved for eternity. People speak of them with such respect and admiration. It’s my dream to one day be a MEMO that lives in a glass box. Like the Constitution,” said Mr. Memo Jr.

Mr. Memo Jr. has personally written MEMOs thanking Republican House member Devin Nunes and Democratic House member Adam Schiff for doing everything they can to keep his fellow MEMOs in the news.

“When I write a MEMO, it’s like I just had a baby. Unlike human beings, it doesn’t take two MEMOs to create a MEMO. If a MEMO knows how to write, then it can create a new MEMO on its own. Anyway, I just sent two new baby MEMOs to Washington to express my thanks. I sure hope people read them and don’t throw them away,” explained Mr. Memo Jr.

When asked if he knew who created him, Mr. Memo Jr. responded, “Yes. My father was a MEMO that explained to a local office of workers that they were receiving a 25 cent raise. So I’m blessed to be created by a memo bringing good news to the world,” responded Mr. Memo Jr.

Mr. Memo Jr. went on to say he hoped President Trump would one day write his own MEMO. “I would love to see what kind of MEMO he would create. I’m sure it live in a glass case."

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