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Looking For a New, Exciting Sugar Substitute? Try Mustard

Annie from Crunch Pond, VT writes to The Satirical Post’s health advisor Gregor Wolfowitz.

“Salutations Gregor, I am trying to cut sugar out of my diet. What do you recommend as a healthy sugar substitute?”

That’s a tasty problem you’ve got there, Annie. Nutritionists recommend Stevia, Agave nectar and even honey. Unfortunately, those sugar alternatives can be expensive.

That’s why, when I want to keep my sweet tooth at bay, I always reach for mustard. Mustard is just as affordable as sugar while including none of it.

Make the “mustard switch” and you’ll not only be making the healthy choice, you’ll be the talk of the coffee shop. On a recent trip to Starbucks, a fellow patron referred to me as “hotdog man".

And best of all, mustard adds a splash of yellow to whatever you were enjoying before you added the mustard.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Gregor is not a trained medical physician nor is he certified to give out advice on anything outside of bicycle repair, and in rare cases birdhouse assembly. While Gregor will respond to ‘Doctor Gregor’, ‘Love Doctor’, or simply ‘Doc’ that is in no way an attempt to present himself as a medical professional.

To learn more from Gregor Wolfowitz visit our HEALTH page.

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