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LeBron James to Play For New Team That Will Still Only Have One LeBron James

LOS ANGELES, CA - Sunday evening LeBron James tweeted to the world that he would be taking his talents to the Lakers of Southern California, a team, to the best of our knowledge here at The Satirical Post, that will still only have one LeBron James.

“The problem with LeBron is that there’s only one of him on every team he plays for,” said former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

“It’s the same problem I ran into when I played football. No matter how hard the Colts and Broncos tried to find a second Peyton Manning, he just didn’t exist. They once found a guy who had the same skill set, but not the dashing looks so we didn’t sign him,” explained Peyton Manning.

The Satirical Post reached out to LeBron to see if he was disappointed his new team would only have one LeBron James.

“Yeah, it’s hard. But with so many plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, the Lakers promised they’d find a player to undergo countless surgical procedures to look like me. So hopefully by the start of the season we’ll have two LeBron Jameses on the floor,” said LeBron.

“Either way, I’m still making $154 million dollars,” added the King.

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