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KKK Pulls Ad After Complaints of Inclusivity

BATON ROUGE, LA – After a wave of harsh criticism, the Klu Klux Klan has made the decision to pull a commercial which first aired last week. The group’s advertisement, titled “My Hate”, joins Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner and Heineken's 'Lighter is Better' ads as the latest tone-deaf marketing ploy.

The 30-second spot features testimonials by KKK members, joined by members of other hate groups; including the Aryan Brotherhood, Westboro Baptist Church and White Lives Matter. Each speaks briefly about what hate means to them. At the end, they join hands and say in unison, “Hooded or not, our hate unites us all.”

The director of the ad, Forrest Todd, shut down his Twitter account following an avalanche of hate. His final tweet, a plea for togetherness, read, “We can’t cleanse the earth of its racial impurity alone… #HatersUnite”.

With a few notable exceptions, criticism has come almost exclusively from KKK chapters across the nation, with David Duke joining the fray earlier today.

“The message of unity through hate is offensive and dangerous. Anyone who owns a parrot is susceptible to love and doesn’t know real bigotry. I hate to use the term, but those other guys are just a bunch of hick crackers. Honkies hate elsewhere,” Mr. Duke wrote in a statement released early Monday.

While not a member of the KKK, white supremacist Richard Spencer has also spoken out. “When I see harmony, even white harmony, it doesn’t sit right with me,” said Spencer.

In recent years, the KKK has seen their ranks diminished while other hate groups have experienced surges in enrollment. Despite pulling the commercial and apologizing, this misstep could have dire effect on the Klan’s membership numbers.

“Mistakes like this are what’s turning the Klu Klux Klan into the MySpace of hate groups,” said Professor Stanley Muldoon, a terrorism historian at Princeton University. “This was a bald attempt to get next to the Insta’s of the white supremacist world.”

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