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Kim Jong-un Converts to Christianity

North Korea, the country shrouded in mystery adds yet another question for the rest of the world to answer, how did its young, brash leader set on arming his country with nuclear weapons capable of hitting the United States become a Christian?

Kim Jong-un converted to Christianity, according to Korean Central TV, the state run media arm controlled by Pyongyang, last week after an unexpected conversation experience similar to that of Paul, the prolific apostle of Jesus who authored much of the New Testament.

"Jesus always told the truth, and now so will I. You have heard it said that I do not poop. But I say that isn't true. My body poops out what I eat. Also, Korean researchers did not find a unicorn den. Unicorns don't exist. Sawdust does not contain nutrients. And my father did not invent the 'double bread with meat'. It already existed and it's called a hamburger," confessed Mr. Kim, while participating in a small-group bible study at the Presidential Palace.

Video of the bible study, where Mr. Kim read aloud a passage from chapter five of Matthew's gospel, was broadcast to the entire country of North Korea in an effort to communicate just how seriously Mr. Kim is taking his faith.

North Korean political and cultural experts found it difficult to deny the report that Mr. Kim had converted to Christianity. "There's nothing for Mr. Kim to gain by publicly declaring himself a Christian, especially after he's spent the last five years executing Christians in his own country," Ian Bremmer, a leading foreign policy expert, told Norah O'Donnell today on CBS This Morning.

"If anything he's making himself vulnerable to competing power centers within his own government that now see his faith as a weakness," continued Mr. Bremmer.

Leaders in the atheist community were hesitant to criticize Mr. Kim's turn to Christ due to the fact that he has an arsenal of nuclear weapons and at times displayed unstable and erratic behavior.

"Kim Jong-un's conversation puts me in a difficult place," said Richard Dawkins, a scientist and author of many popular books criticizing religion. "As an atheist, who wants to see world leaders rule their countries with facts and reason instead of centuries old myths, it's disappointing. But I suppose if Kim Jong-un being a Christian prevents nuclear war, then I'm all for Jesus. Just this one time, though," added Mr. Dawkins.

Pope Francis confirmed that Kim Jong-un had FaceTime'd him and confessed to killing thousands of Christians in his own country. "Kim Jong-un confessed his sins and asked for forgiveness. I told him God forgives all who seek him sincerely, and forgave his sins in the name of God, his Heavenly Father," Pope Francis told his local newspaper L'Osservatore Romano.

For now, world leaders are watching and waiting to see how Mr. Kim's new found faith effects the nuclear stand off between Korea and the United States. Dennis Rodman, a former professional basketball player and personal friend of Mr. Kim's called The Satirical Post to relay his idea to bring the countries together. "Let's get Kim Jong-un and Trump together for a bible study. I could host it at my house in LA or Pyongyang. Or the Vatican," said Mr. Rodman.

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