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Kim Jong-un Offers North Korean Vice Presidency to Pence as Olive Branch

PYONGYANG - Realizing North Korean officials had made a mistake by calling Vice President Pence a ‘politically dummy’, Kim Jong-un made a stunning offer to keep the peace summit talks alive by calling the White House and offering the North Korean Vice Presidency to Mike Pence.

“We hope Pence will see this as a sign of how much we admire, honor and cherish him, just like President Trump does. If Pence accepts our offer, it will honor North Korea and we will give him his own harem,” said Kim Jong-un.

The Satirical Post reached out to the White House to see if they were concerned Pence would accept the offer.

“Pence has zero interest in being VP for North Korea. We’re not sure about the harem. It’s a very tempting proposition, and often times the quiet ones or the ones who are repressed are the ones who are into that kind of stuff behind the scenes,” said President Trump when reached over the phone.

“But I think Mike will decline the offer. I’m leaving it up to him to decide,” added the president.

Moments after President Trump hung up the phone the VP’s office released this statement.

“Although I respect how everyone in North Korea stands for their anthem, claps for the Supreme Leader and never criticizes him, unfortunately I'm not Asian so it would never work out.”

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