Justify Not Welcome at White House After Whining During National Anthem

AIR FORCE ONE - As President Trump settled into his seat on Air Force One to see if Justify would be a triple crown winner, he watched in dismay as the beloved horse whined during the singing of the national anthem.

“Total disgrace. Justify disrespects the national anthem and flag by WHINING. Was going to invite beautiful horse to White House but not anymore. Justify is totally un-American horse. SAD!” tweeted the President.

Justify’s trainer Bob Baffert immediately pleaded with the president over twitter, asking him to reconsider disinviting the triple crown winner.

“He wasn’t protesting the flag. He was protesting fellow horses being turned into glue,” tweeted Mr. Baffert.

Supporters of the president said Justify could have protested fellow horses being tured into glue during a press conference, over tweet, or via a long handwritten letter that could be stapled to telephone poles around the country.

‘If Justify would have stopped and thought about all his forefathers who fought and died in the calvary, I know he wouldn’t have whined during the anthem,’ said chief of staff John Kelly.

Fans supporting Justify argued the opposite point of view.

“By protesting during the anthem, people will be focused on him and he has a better chance of getting his message across,” said a Justify fan who asked not to be named due to people’s sensitivity about national anthem protests.

Elmer’s glue issued a statement immediately after the president issued his tweet.

“We fully agree with the president. At no time is it appropriate for a horse to protest during the national anthem. We also agree that Justify wasn’t protesting fellow horses being turned into glue. He was protesting the flag. Any horse protesting the flag should be shot and turned into glue.”

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