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Homeless Can Now Get Amazon Deliveries Right to Their Tent

SEATTLE, WA - This morning Amazon announced a new service targeting the untapped, homeless market currently not being served by any of the major retailers.

With just the click of a button on any smartphone, a homeless person can order any of Amazon’s products and have it delivered directly to their tent, alley or even dumpster.

“The need for an address has been the primary barrier to reaching this transient segment of the population,” said Amazon’s Jeff Bezos when contacted by The Satirical Post. “So by tracking the homeless from their smartphones, we can find them using GPS no matter where they are in order to make the delivery and complete the sale.”

Homeless populations in major cities all around the United States were thrilled with the announcement, lauding Amazon for finding a way to get other human beings to interact with them.

“If spending my life savings on James Comey's book is what it takes to have contact with another human being, sign me up,” said a homeless man living in Houston’s Memorial Park.

Jeff Bezos saw another benefit to the program as well. “Most of our factory workers make just over 20K a year anyway, so odds are some of them will end up on the street if they have a medical problem. So in a way this new program could just as easily be for them too.”

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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