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Guy in Charge Reminds American People Things are Out of Control

WASHINGTON, D.C. - With the United States’s withdrawal from the Iran peace accord, President Trump reminded the world that things are so out of control, the potential for a nuclear bomb a year from now is better than the potential for a nuclear bomb seven years from now.

For some thinkers this is a tough hoop to jump through, but for those who solve problems by creating bigger problems to solve, this was the perfect solution.

“Most people think a solution is the answer to a problem. But solutions are hard to come by. The easier way to solve a problem is by creating an even bigger problem to solve. Because suddenly the bigger problem distracts everyone from the original problem, and so in a way it’s the same as a solution,” explained President Trump when contacted by The Satirical Post.

“It’s not easy solving the world’s problems. Believe me. I’ve seen the intelligence reports after they’ve been shortened to half a page,” added the president.

Some diplomatic experts were critical of Trump’s plan to create a bigger problem instead of finding a solution.

“What happens in a year when no one has solved this bigger problem? Do we create an even bigger problem then? At some point we either have to find an actual solution, because it seems to me the ultimate ‘bigger problem’ would be turning our nuclear weapons on ourselves,” said Kanye West, a rapper who has devoted himself to being in the news until his album comes out next month.

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