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Gerber Baby Resigns After Audio Tirade Surfaces

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Gerber CEO Bill Partyka apologized to America early Saturday morning after an audio recording of the current Gerber baby shocked the conscience of the nation, spurring calls for the 18 month old infant to step down from its spokesbaby role.

“Just because a baby is incapable of understanding social norms or the difference between right and wrong does not excuse it from the same standards we hold the rest of society to," said Gerber CEO Bill Partyka.

The tirade took place at what was supposed to be a routine photo shoot for a new Gerber baby food label. When Sadie, the 18 month old Gerber baby, was asked to leave her trailer, she launched into what can only be described as an abusive, manipulative tantrum.

“She forced the production staff to do exactly what she wanted. It was all about her and she didn’t care how bad she made us feel,” said a Hollywood production assistant who asked not to be named for fear of backlash against speaking out against talent.

“I’ve worked with Russell Crowe, Robert Downey Jr., and Mel Gibson and I’ve never seen the level of abusive manipulation Sadie the Gerber baby used,” the production assistant added.

The Satirical Post reached out to Gerber CEO Bill Partyka to see if they had begun searching for a new baby to represent the brand.

“Yes, and it is our commitment to America is to find a baby that puts the thoughts and emotions of others before itself. We will no longer employ such a selfish spokesbaby again,” promised Mr. Partyka.

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