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Jerry Falwell Jr. Pledges Allegiance to Jesus Ahead of President Trump

Standing before 10,000 students assembled in the main auditorium at Liberty University, the conservative college Jerry Falwell senior built to fuel the moral majority of America, Jerry Falwell Jr. proclaimed he pledges allegiance to Jesus before Donald Trump and the MAGA agenda.

"Far too many people have become confused with where my loyalties lie. Well let there no longer be any confusion. They lie with Jesus Christ above all else," Mr. Falwell Jr. said to the assembly.

Many Evangelicals see this speech, which lasted over 30 minutes, as a pivot for Mr. Falwell Jr. and consequently the school for which he serves as figurehead. "I think it's a shift away from politics and back to Jesus, to spreading the message of Jesus and the resulting grace and peace of his resurrection," explained James Dobson, a fellow Evangelical leader and personal friend to Mr. Falwell Jr.

"Christianity didn't become the official religion of the Roman empire because believers were lobbying the emperor or running for office to change laws. Constantine made Christianity the official religion because he realized people all across the empire were on fire for Jesus. It was bottom-up transformation, not top-down. At some point we lost our way and become focused on power and the powerful. It's time we refocus ourselves on bottom-up transformation like Peter, Paul, and James," added Mr. Dobson.

So what, if anything, will change at Liberty now that Mr. Falwell Jr. is refocusing his student body? "We will no longer be inviting political leaders or activists to make commencement or assembly addresses. Instead we will invite top youth ministers to address our students, with the goal that some of them will themselves become youth ministers and spread the message of Christ. If some of them want to go into politics, great. But commissioning students into political battle is no longer our mission," explained Mr. Falwell Jr.

Aids to President Trump said he was blindsided by Mr. Falwell Jr's speech. "He had no advance warning," said chief of staff John Kelly.

Just hours after the speech President Trump called The Satirical Post's Los Angeles bureau and said, "No, I'm not concerned because you know, we talk a lot about Christians being under attack, but when you look at history, Christians have never really had it better on a global scale. So a lot of the talk about Christians being persecuted here in the US is just political rhetoric to get voters fired up."

When asked to give an example of political rhetoric making a Christian issue sound worse than it really was President Trump went to Obamacare. "Take the birth control issue. Compared to the hundreds of millions of people living in our country, you're talking about a very small group of Christian business owners who are fighting that rule. Christian employees are free to reject birth control. And to be honest, I'm surprised all the Christian wedding vendors don't want to serve the gays. If anything, you'd think they would. It would be a phenomenal time for them to witness to them," added President Trump.

The White House announced President Trump will be donating $5,000,000 of his own money to endow a new youth ministry development program at Liberty.

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