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Elon Musk Launches Fragrance Line ‘Musk by Musk'

PALO ALTO, CA – What do electric cars, space ships and perfumes all have in common? The answer is Elon Musk. This Friday, in his latest industry foray, the industry magnate launched ‘Musk by Musk’, an innovative fragrance line.

“This smells obvious, and that’s the point. Sometimes being a renaissance man means hitting the nail square on the head,” said Musk.

Like it’s CEO, ‘Musk by Musk’ will break the norm by labeling every scent unisex, tearing down the divide between colognes and perfumes. The four fragrances include ‘Dusk’, ‘Husk’, ‘Tusk’, and Elon’s personal concoction: ‘Brusque’.

While fans of Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX are already lining up to buy his latest product, not everyone is excited about the announcement.

Musk has maintained an eccentric reputation, recently going off on the media and even crashing the Met Gala with pop star Grimes. That precariousness has many in the fragrance industry weary of his entry into their arena.

“The world of aroma is a carnivorous snake pit. Mark my words, this is a big, smelly fool’s errand,” said one Saint Yves Laurent perfumer.

In spite of a mixed welcome, Elon has remained upbeat about his company’s outlook. For now at least, this new venture has his full attention.

“I’ve always had my eye on the future. It’s about time my nose joined the party,” said Musk.

Musk also intends to include a bottle of his fragrance aboard the next SpaceX launch.

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