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Elizabeth Warren Becomes Philadelphia Eagles Season Ticket Holder

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has become a season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Eagles 2018-2019 NFL season.

Moments after President Donald Trump made headlines by disinviting the defending Super Bowl champions to the White House, Warren tweeted out her support of the franchise, with a picture of 2 season tickets and the accompanying text, "GO IGGLES! I bleed green baby!"

Republican senators criticized Warren's statement as an act of political grandstanding in response to the President's controversial decision, but Warren insisted her only motivation was to drink cheap beers in the nosebleeds and "Watch dem Eagles fly".

Nevertheless, political blowback came hard with constituents from Warren's home state of Massachusetts questioning her allegiance to the Eagles and not the hometown favorites (and Super Bowl runner up) New England Patriots.

Boston native and owner of the Masshole sports bar, Sean O'Brien, called the Senator a classic flip flopper, "No loyalty. Just goes with whoever's winning at the moment."

Warren responded to these claims of being a frontrunner saying she'd been an Eagles fan since the Brian Dawkins days and then proceeded to shout, "Weapon X, baby! Go birds!"

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie saw Warren's fandom as a positive step for the franchise, "We want to dispel the unfair stereotypes about our fanbase as uncouth, drunken loudmouths. It's my hope that more Senators will root for the Eagles on Sundays, and sometimes Mondays, and Thursdays too."

Warren also has high hopes for the team's future saying, "I can't wait to get bombed on Broad Street next season when the Eagles go back to back! Dallas sucks! Romo blows!"

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