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Donald Jr. Declares Bid for Presidency, in Self-Pardon Backup Plan

NEW YORK, NY - After days of listening to legal scholars debate the definition and consequences of ‘collusion', Donald Trump Jr. has decided to run for president in order to have the option to pardon himself, just in case his father is impeached.

“If it turns out colluding is illegal, I’m 99.9% certain my father will pardon me if he’s still in office. But just in case Jared and Ivanka get in his head, I’d like to have the option to pardon myself,” said Donald Jr. at a press conference in Central Park.

When asked if he would run as a Republican or Democrat, Donald Jr. replied, “I need to check with my father to see what he would prefer. It might make more sense for me to run as a Democrat to distract them. Ultimately I'm counting on my father to pardon me. This is just an elaborate self-pardon backup plan."

The Satirical Post reached out to Tom Perez, the president of the DNC to see if they would allow Donald Jr. to run on their ticket.

“For the good of our country, I would set aside policy, economics and political agendas to let it happen. The spectacle of Trumps running against each other is a once in a nation event and I wouldn’t stand in the way,” said Mr. Perez.

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