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Desperate for an Edge, the Eagles Change Logo Days Before Super Bowl

After weeks of game planning and conditioning, the Eagles felt their best bet to win the Super Bowl came down to their logo, which is why just days before the biggest game the franchise has seen in decades they announced it will be printed on jerseys, helmets and all official gameday gear.

“Eli is Brady’s nemesis. So we felt if we had Eli’s face plastered all over our gear, that maybe it would get into Brady’s head and give us an edge. At this point we’re willing to take the chance,” said Eagles head coach Doug Pederson.

Updating an NFL team logo requires the approval of the NFL front office, including league commissioner Roger Goodell. So how were the Eagles able to pull off such a last minute logo change just days before the Super Bowl? The Satirical Post called Commissioner Goodell to ask him this very question.

“It’s common knowledge that I hate the Patriots and Tom Brady. I mean, the guy is too handsome, successful, talented and nice. Plus he’s the model family man, husband, father and son. Plus he’s married to a super model and their marriage survived the deflate-gate punishment I put him through,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “Do you need any more reasons why I approved this new Eagles logo,” added Mr. Goodell.

The Satirical Post contacted the Patriot organization to get their opinion on the Eagles new logo and Coach Belichick had this to say. “We could care less what picture they have on their jerseys."

Read more from The Satirical Post by visiting the HOMEPAGE.

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