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Delta Announces New Odor Fee, Targeting Smelly Passengers

ATLANTA, GA – Friday morning, Delta CEO Edward Bastian announced the airline's latest improvement to its inflight experience, an ‘odor' fee targeting smelly travelers who contaminate the recycled air passengers breath.

The new ‘odor' fee will cost travelers between 50 to 350 dollars per violation.

“We’re here to provide an optimal travel experience for all the senses, smell being a big part of that,” said Delta CEO Edward Bastian.

The pungent proposition would make gate agents responsible for a sniff-on-sight while scanning boarding passes. A Delta employee in plain clothes would also be aboard every flight to safeguard against in-flight foulness.

“We call them Smell Marshalls. These keen-nosed individuals will detect and source any egregious smell throughout the cabin,” said Beth Combs, Delta’s Director of Operations.

The odor fee could have more far reaching consequences than some anticipate, specifically for airport hospitality.

“Who’s going to risk eating at Chik-Fil A with this fee in play? Who’s going to enjoy a Cinnabon with the flavorsome consequences? I’ll be out of a job quicker than I make the salads,” said Tonya Madsen, an employee at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Chili’s To-Go.

Executives at American Airlines, United and Virgin are preparing their own version of the odor fee in case Delta’s take hold.

“Normally you want to get out in front of a rotten smell, but in this case we’re going to linger behind it and pray it doesn’t kill us,” said American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.

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