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Dancing With the Stars Announces James Gunn Not Too Disgraced to be Contestant

LOS ANGELES - Early Wednesday morning Dancing With the Stars announced director James Gunn, who was fired by Disney after old tweets mocking pedophilia were unearthed, was not too disgraced to be a contestant on the hit dancing show.

“Although pedophilia humor isn’t the career booster it used to be, there are still ways for Hollywood hopefuls to stand out. Sex tapes are still in vogue, and Dancing With the Stars is also available to those looking to boost their careers,” said Larry Rogers, spokesperson for DWTS.

Hollywood has historically been a difficult place to stand out, as the nations top talent has flooded the town making competition fierce and unrelenting.

“James Gunn is pretty much the standard Hollywood story. Person moves to LA, makes themselves into a public spectacle, gains notoriety and then spends the rest of their life trying to make up for turning themselves into a spectacle,” said Hollywood Report publisher Jon Deutch.

Reality TV critic Susan Kemins wasn’t surprised by the announcement, as DWTS has a long history of inviting struggling public figures to rebuild their brand while dancing the tango.

“I think it’s great DWTS gives struggling public figures the chance at redemption. Next season will actually be broadcast from a prison in upstate New York and feature Harvey Weinstein as the signature contestant,” said Ms. Kemins.

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