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Congress Reopens Government, Proving They can Solve Their Own Problems, Just Not the Country's

After a long night of listening to Rand Paul remind us that we spend a trillion dollars more than we make each year, Congress voted to shut him up and spend a trillion dollars more than we make each year for the next two years.

Early this morning both the Senate and House passed a bill that solidifies spending through September of 2019. President Trump signed the bill into law and Tweeted to his 45 million followers that they can now breath a sign of relief, reminding them they won’t have to pay for any of this.

“When Democrats are in power, Republican’s don’t like defects. We preach balanced budges. But when we’re in power, we love defects and preach economic growth will pay for the defect. Then when we lose power, we go back to preaching balancing the budge because we can’t afford defects. Then we regain power and spend like crazy while preaching economic growth. If you haven’t figured it out, there’s a cycle to the madness,” said Kentucky senator Rand Paul.

"Congress is like a parent that doesn’t discipline their children. Instead of putting them in time out, they just pay them to go away. But sending your children to their friends house with all your money doesn’t solve the problem,” added Senator Paul.

“I commend Rand Paul on his fervent defense of the national debt and spending. It’s admirable. But as part of the establishment, it’s our duty to spend more than we make. That’s why we were elected. Adding trillions to the debt, and cutting a million here and a million there is our job. I just hope someone can remind Rand to do his job and vote for this spending bill,” explained Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

So what can you expect from the two trillion dollar defect that we’ll be adding to the debt over the next two years? Call your congressman and ask them. I’m sure they’d love to explain it to you.

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