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Cash-Strapped Fixer Michael Cohen Advertises Services During Hannity Broadcast

NEW YORK, NY - With legal fees mounting and no end in sight to Mueller’s examination of his personal and business dealings, Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen has taken out a series of advertisements on Sean Hannity’s nightly Fox News broadcast selling his services to the American people.

The ads highlight services that range from paying off mistresses and porn stars to filling tenant vacancies in complexes backed by the federal government’s HUD program.

“Michael is a great guy, a brilliant attorney whom I trust, so I have no problem letting him advertise on the show,” said Sean Hannity when reached over telephone by The Satirical Post.

“I even went on Yelp and reviewed all his services, which I’ve personally used. Well I actually haven’t used the attorney-client privilege, but everything else, including attempted murder,” added Mr. Hannity.

Michael Cohen called The Satirical Post to report the advertisements are working well and generating tremendous leads.

"Most of the callers who saw and responded to the ads are coming from the White House. Seems like the majority of the people working there are desperate for legal help," said Mr. Cohen.

To read more from The Satirical Post visit our HOMEPAGE.

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