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Former President Bill Clinton Asks Monica Lewinsky For Forgiveness

Former President Bill Clinton placed what he called the most important phone call of his life yesterday evening when he reached out to former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

After exchanging pleasantries for a few minutes, Clinton acknowledged his sins, not only in leading the young impressionable intern into an adulterous relationship, but how he and his family handled the political fallout for the past twenty years. The conversation ended with Mr. Clinton asking Ms. Lewinsky for forgiveness. Her response? “Yes.”

Clinton explained his actions, now nearly twenty years after the scandal broke into national headlines, to a group of reporters. “It never occurred to me, but in an alternate reality, Chelsea could have been Ms. Lewinsky and Donald Trump could have been me.”

When asked to clarify his statement Mr. Clinton responded by saying, “Imagine if Chelsea was twenty-two years old and serving as an intern in the Trump White House. I won’t get into specifics because I know you won’t be able to print them, but imagine if she was doing to Trump what Monica was doing to me. That’s not right. And it if did happen I would expect President Trump to ask my daughter for forgiveness.”

Male politicians on the left and the right have a difficult time contextualizing assault and harassment against women. In order to fully understand and grasp the consequences, they must ‘picture’ their own daughter, wife, sister, girlfriend, niece, female cousin, friend that’s a girl, fiancé, or former female roommate that they didn’t despise, in the role of the one being harassed.

A recent Pew Research poll of male politicians revealed 100% of them, both Republican and Democrat, who only have men in their life are non empathetic to reports of sexual harassment and assault.

Dr. Michael Green, lead researcher at Johns Hopkins Neuroscience Center, said there is something unique about a male politician’s brain. “We’ve seen it time and time again. Some of these men have a thirty, forty year history of never considering their wives, sisters, nieces, daughters, fiancés, female cousins or girlfriends when they visited strip clubs, catcalled at girls on the street, or tried to have sex with the most beautiful girl in their office in order to win a bet.”

Last month Dr. Green gave a speech at a sexual harassment conference in Las Vegas and told the audience, “It’s not possible to stop sexual harassment. But it is possible to get male politicians, even the ones who don’t have a wife, a sister, niece, girlfriend or fiancé, to empathize with the victims of harassment. To do this, we must remind them, every day, that they have a mother. We must remind them they have someone to ‘picture’ in the role of sexual harassment victim. Even if they have to picture a younger, more attractive version of their mother.”

Many Christian leaders have praised Mr. Clinton’s call for forgiveness. Jerry Falwell Jr., a frequent critic of Democrats, especially Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, as well as ‘Fake Republicans’ called Mr. Clinton’s act of contrition, “An example for all men and women of Christ. I hope this is a watershed moment for forgiveness in our country. Both those seeking forgiveness and those granting it.” “May God bless Former President Bill Clinton,” he added.

Hilary Clinton couldn’t be reached for comment on her husband’s act of contrition. However, she was able to be reached regarding President’s Trumps recent behavior. During that conversation she said nothing new, or news worthy, and so she doesn’t have a quote in this article.

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