Kim Jong-un Sends Nuclear Warhead to Melania for Mother's Day

May 14, 2018


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a sign of goodwill between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, the North Korean dictator sent a nuclear warhead to First Lady Melania Trump, honoring her on Mother's Day with North Korea's most prized possession.


"Kim Jong-un honors Melania as all Americans should! True Patriot!" tweeted President Trump along with a photo of the nuclear warhead sitting on the oval office desk.


Several White House officials hesitated to allow a North Korean nuclear warhead into the nation’s capital, but Chief of Staff John Kelly agreed with Trump that it would be insulting to reject such a gift.


"It's like a dog dropping a squirrel at the back door. It's done out of fear, respect and admiration. The Dems should be modeling their behavior after Kim Jong-un and show this president some respect," said Mr. Kelly when reached by The Satirical Post.


When asked who, if anyone, checked the nuclear warhead to make sure it wasn't a trojan horse, General Kelly responded, "We had Jared hit it with a hammer a few times and nothing happened."


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