Harley-Davidson Changes Name to 'Trump-Bikes'

July 1, 2018


MILWAUKEE, WI - Buckling under pressure from the presidents public comments criticizing the iconic American company for transferring jobs and production outside of the country, Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich announced they have officially changed their name to ‘Trump-Bikes’.


“President Trump and his family manufacture all their merchandise outside of America, so we figured if we change our name to 'Trump-Bikes' it would allow us to do the same without anyone throwing a fit,” said Mr. Levatich.


Brand and marketing experts were stunned by the announcement but ultimately decided it was a genius move.


"We'll probably see a lot more of this. GM will probably have to change their name to 'Trump-Automobiles'. Purdue Pharma will have to change their name to 'Trump-Narcotics', and if things get bad enough, Trojan might have to change their name to 'Trump-condoms'," said Elizabeth Warren, junior senator from Massachusetts.


The Satirical Post reached out to several Harley owners to get their thoughts on the name change.


"It makes sense to me. Harley-Davidson used to the be the most American thing in America. But now Trump is the most American thing in America. So yeah, it just seems like a natural evolution I suppose," said a former Harley rider.


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