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Feminist Icon Stormy Daniels Inspires Women Everywhere to Double Check their Non Disclosure Agreemen

Original Stormy Daniels Photo: © Glenn Francis,

First there was Harriet Tubman, then there was Susan B Anthony, and now the annals of women's rights history have inducted its newest member, adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Mrs. Daniels is being credited by women's rights experts and cable news talking heads as the trailblazer who has prompted women everywhere to dust off their old non-disclosure agreements to see if the powerful man who paid them for their silence forgot to sign the contract.

"When you look at where women started in this country, not able to own land, vote, get an education, divorce, use birth control, or have an abortion, being reminded to check your old non-disclosure agreements is huge," said woman's rights leader Hillary Clinton.

"I'm thrilled Stormy has taken the lead on this critical issue and can be the role model little girls around the world need. And if during the process she’s able to take down Trump, well that would be great too," Mrs. Clinton added.

Scores of women working in the entertainment and media industries have contacted The Satirical Post saying they’ve been inspired to dig out their old non-disclosure agreements from under the bed and re-read them.

“I found several errors in my non-disclosure agreement,” said a Liz Miller, who requested we not reveal the city or industry in which she works. “Unfortunately, I’m not a famous porn star or cable news anchor, so there's no chance I'll land a 60 Minutes interview or get an Access Hollywood tell-all special. I doubt I could even get a TMZ exposé published online," Mrs. Miller added.

As the number of women dusting off their old non-disclosure agreements grows, experts see an opportunity for someone of notoriety to become their voice, their advocate. Former President Bill Clinton, who has always had a soft spot in his heart for the forgotten woman, has decided to lend a hand to their cause.

“Someone needs to give these women living in obscurity a voice. And I’m happy to work closely with all of them while Hillary is traveling the world alone making speeches,” explained Mr. Clinton enthusiastically.

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