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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Nathan Donohoe

Nathan was born and raised in the former Mexican outpost known as Tejas, a territory that later became part of America and produced popular Blue State politicians like Sam Rayburn and Lyndon Baines Johnson as well as popular Red State politicians like George W. Bush and Ted Cruz. 


Attending the highly acclaimed liberal arts college, Texas A&M in College Station, Texas, Nathan studied the classics, in particular, accounting, which was his undergraduate major. Furthering his liberal arts education, Nathan earned a Masters of Science in Marketing. Clubs and fraternities were not part of Nathan's college experience.


Upon graduation, Nathan, like all good Aggies, settled down in Los Angeles, California. He has since devoted himself to furthering himself. If you have any questions for Nathan or are curious about other aspects of his life please feel free to email him and ask.

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